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This week on Seven on Sunday, I’m here to talk about 7 albums I loved that critics (at least a lot of them) seemed to dismiss. Keep in mind not all reviews from the original critics were super negative, these are just albums I feel are underrated and kinda got the cold shoulder from audiences everywhere.

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Music Albums Video 7 Albums I LOVED That Critics Dismissed

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7 Albums I Loved That Critics Dismissed
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  • Comments

    MJ says:

    another eternity is one of the best albums I've heard, it was a massive improvement compared to Shrines imo which was fantastic as well. I fucking can't wait for their next album.

    my waterparks romance 182 says:

    What about any of the Killers albums

    Alt Columnist says:

    Walk the Moon's self-titled record is one of my all-time favorite albums and yet it has a 67 on Metacritic :/ Also, nice watch, Jon!

    Jacob Patrick Poulsen says:

    Are you doing a review on the new album from Franz Ferdinand when it gets released? 🙂

    Joseph Tafur says:

    It's good to know that grew to like "a sky full of stars" I'm on your side, yeah it doesn't fit the soundscape of ghost stories but it's catchy, it's makes you feel like your flying.

    Ry D says:

    Louder Now, Ghost Stories, and Folie are amazing! What were critics thinking?!

    billy says:

    Do a Fall Out Boy ranked!

    Sam Salas says:

    Move Along is one of my favorite albums of all time! I'm just waiting for the band to release a new one :/

    Joey Henderson says:

    Red Hot Chili Peppers – One Hot Minute
    Blink-182 – Neighborhoods
    Fall Out Boy – Folie A Deux
    Sum 41 – Underclass Hero
    Yellowcard – Lights And Sounds
    Linkin Park – Minutes To Midnight
    Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now

    Jacob Patrick Poulsen says:

    I love this series on your channel. Great video as always John. You surely have a fan from Denmark! 🙂

    MsBaratheon says:

    I love Days Go By!

    Joe Likes movies says:

    11:11 is my fav of move along, it's so underrated

    Garrett Scroggs says:

    Some of mine.

    Maroon 5 – Hands All Over
    Boston – Corporate America
    The Outfield – Diamond Days
    Coldplay – Ghost Stories
    OneRepublic – Dreaming Out Loud

    Anonymous asdfg says:

    I love Paramore's Self Titled, and A Flair for the Dramatic by Pierce the Veil

    Lauw! says:

    I'm SO here for some Folie recognition and appreciation

    Никита Малышев says:

    I think that Nelly Furtado's second studio slbum 'Folklore' is sooo underrated. There sre some polarized moments like mixing country, electtonic, woldbeat and many other styles in one song, but the records's sound is so cosy and sad on the other hand… 'Try' is my one of the most favourite ballads. And this abum was panned by critics and fans, so Nelly changed her style into more poppy direction. Love your videos, even if English is not my native language!

    Rogan Porter says:

    How i felt about coming home by new found glory

    Bonzi the Otaku says:

    Also I really enjoyed Days Go By. It took a long time to find an American CD copy

    Edward Woodvine says:

    I think Nimrod wins the award for the most underappreciated album ever.

    Xenny X60 says:

    Basically every Mudvayne album.

    Bonzi the Otaku says:

    Louder Now is a great album

    ArchieCantSocialise says:

    tbh,, Revival by Eminem had some of his best tracks (offended, river, like home and castle and arose) but everyone hated that album which sucks because i haven’t found a single person who likes this album.

    katdm says:

    Really wondering what does "a good Metacritc score" mean….given that the Fall Out Album you mentioned got a rating of 73/100.
    Now, if we're talking "albums that I love that critics didn't like that much"….
    Lana del Rey – Born to Die
    Marina and the Diamonds – Electra Heart
    every album from (UK indie rock group) Editors (except their debut, The Back Room, that one was pretty well received)
    Would probably have Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight on here too…even though LP's career was mostly marked by mixed reviews.

    Jpavlack jr says:

    Oh that offspring album. I feel the same. I love like 5/8 of the songs. Like actually ADORE. Some of the cuts just drag it down unfortunately

    jc1424 says:

    I actually listened to Days Go By in 2016 around the same time Revolution Radio came out. It seemed fine, I don't see why it would be critically smashed.

    rap nation says:

    louder now is one of my favorite albums of all time

    brei greer says:

    I am not sure if you have ever mentioned this, but did you or Hannah get into Armor for Sleep at all when they were a band?

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