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Music Albums Video Air Talkie Walkie / Full Album

Air – Talkie Walkie / Full Album
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    Black Shaman says:

    Artist: Air
    Album: Talkie Walkie
    Label: Source / Virgin
    Year: 2003

    00:00 Venus
    04:04 Cherry Blossom Girl
    07:43 Run
    11:56 Universal Traveler
    16:18 Mike Mills
    20:45 Surfing on a Rocket
    24:28 Another Day
    27:49 Alpha Beta Gaga
    32:29 Biological
    38:33 Alone in Kyoto

    845 sharp says:

    Truly sublime

    virtual-adam says:

    Thanks for this.

    Deborah Hill says:

    This band Is just divine.

    Santiago Pera says:

    trip hop masterpiece

    Pastorelli Roberta says:

    thank you and Kevin who brought me here

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