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All Them Witches are an American rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. This new album is so fantastic that if you still don’t know All Them Witches yet, please do it

*** This album was blocked in some countries ***

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01. Fishbelly 86 Onions
02. Workhorse
03. 1st vs. 2nd
04. Half-Tongue
05. Diamond
06. Harvest Feast
07. HJTC
08. Rob’s Dream


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Music Albums Video ALL THEM WITCHES ATW (2018) (Full Album) 🎵

All Them Witches –  Atw (2018) (full Album) 🎵
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    MrRizoable says:

    I loved the first 3 Albums but since "Sleeping through the war" I am a little bit disappointed. I like progress but not in the opposite direction of my music taste. I guess many others are happy with it, so enjoy this great band which I saw 2 times live.

    jacko717 says:

    THE album of 2018 for me.

    selim slami says:

    bad album, so boring

    NektarVision says:

    I Quote;
    "I'm probably the only one thats been waiting on the edge of my royal golden catapult for this recording. This is why i am your great leader Elect. Mandibles raised on high as to bring the scraps of fleshy knowledge to your family table as you eat up in blue haze, a walled Italian garden to add to your grey estate called "the brain". Now enjoy the pleasant psych-rock vibrations in the favorable little house inside your intelligence called kirk village, the lords of prayer."

    Thegreatt Antqueen

    Niki Remec says:

    Keep the good work guys!!

    Andre' Wolff says:

    Brilliant! Thank you!

    Piotr Sokół says:

    This is fucking awesome !!!!

    MsMotron says:

    this is the best music i found since 10.000 days by tool!!!

    Niros Leniad says:

    How can they be so blues, Led, Pink and ATW 99% in the same songs 🙂 ?. Because they are.

    Ivan G says:

    Great album. Looking forward to seeing them March 16th.

    Truetroop says:

    17, 18, 19, Twenty!!!!

    kevin Wallase says:

    Holy shit that a nice refreshing album. almost broke a wall in the house.

    Simon Gordon says:

    Track list for this tight album:

    00:00 Fishbelly 86 Onions
    06:02 Workhorse
    11:47 1st vs. 2nd
    17:45 Half-Tongue
    22:20 Diamond
    28:30 Harvest Feast
    35:15 HJTC
    45:05 Rob's Dream

    Tobias Bot says:

    THIS record makes me just Happy! Real good music in such commercial times. ROCK is definitely NOT dead!

    Stan Smith says:

    Τα σπάνε λέμε !!!

    GoGeR030 says:

    Great as always!

    tom shep says:

    For me, Workhorse, Diamond and HJTC are definately the highlights of this album

    Jose Luis Cazador says:

    Gonna see them live in a couple months. Can't wait!!!!

    Pasias Achilleas says:


    Simon Hay says:

    One of the best bands to hit the scene for a while, been following these for a few years now and had the privilege to see them live at the rescue rooms Nottingham, if you get a change to see these guys live do so as you wont be disappointed. All them witches keep delivering time after time ..keep music coming guysO:-)

    George Amberiadis says:

    Original cool music It makes me feel good TAXIARHOS OTHIXOS

    Derp Shroom says:

    It hurts me knowing that I probably will never hear them live again…I heard them at KOKO london 2017 but Ive moved back to my country

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