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This album is a collection of Angels & Airwaves music, remixed and re-imagined. The idea was to give a new sound to the songs we know and love and create an album anyone can listen to start to finish from another perspective. To spread nothing but love, happiness, dreams and hope…

Everything on this album was made using one iPad and didn’t cost a thing but time and passion. It took around 2 months to make. I don’t play any instrument and have never mixed, mastered, produced or engineered any music of any kind…

My main hope for this album, is that it will inspire people to do the same, create their own art and make the world a better place…

I am working on a website where all the tracks will be available to download in full, as instrumentals and also vocals only. I also will happily take on any requests for now, while I work on the next AVA project and my own EP…

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The Flight of Apollo
Soul Survivor
Interlude: Connection
Secret Crowds
Moon as My Witness
Interlude: Memories
The Moon Atomic
Call to Arms
Interlude: Falling
Interlude: Love
There Is

All credit for the video used in the background goes to:

Thank you and all credit for use of the vocal tracks and segments from the movie “Love” goes to Angels & Airwaves…


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Music Albums Video Angels Airwaves LOVE Part III (Full Album)

Angels & Airwaves – Love Part Iii (full Album)
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  • Comments

    William Davis says:

    Flight of the Apollo was always my fav and as soon as the paino started i was like yasssss. this is all great

    JonNow says:

    Muito bom! Obrigado pela inspiração 👏👏👏👏👏

    Tim Mellors says:

    This is almost like Angels and Airwaves meets Nine Inch nails at some points 🙂

    Jol Art says:

    The thing you did with Soul Survivor… EPIC AF!!!!

    Joël Klok says:

    Dude I love you so much!! This is AMAZING.

    Kevin Gonzalez says:

    This sounds truly amazing!

    moonman says:

    "I'd like to say, that your my only fear and when I dream, it slowly disappears and when I wake, I'm right here by your side to feel your heart, beat in and out of time…." God I love those lyrics.

    moonman says:

    One of my biggest regrets was not taking time off work to see them when they played in Perth, Australia several years ago…. F@#% it!! This is freakn awesome, another AVA for my playlists….

    Nep Tune says:

    My Eaaaaaaaaaaaaars <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Juve95 fan says:

    The flight of apollo deserves to be longer bro… the remix is amazing but you should have remixed the complete song the same way

    Nauval Maulana Akbar says:

    cool………easy listen, good jobs

    Сергей Друзь says:

    Тупо лике, пью пивандопалу 🍺🍻

    Jack Ruby says:

    Blank Space

    Bobdog TV says:

    Okay, so I started reading the comments and thought to myself, no way. This will not be as good as everyone is saying it is.
    I stand corrected. WAY corrected. This is SO good. I would not think twice about buying this. I hope Tom listens to this. This is tops.

    Erick Guevara says:


    Audi Fajar says:

    Omg mate i got chills hearing it from the beginning until the end, absolutely amazing work here 👌

    mydogrush says:

    My cock is going to burst with how fast you're posting these. And on no but November

    MrGodSky says:

    2:217:35 Soul Survivor Very good cover.

    Emery Nebraska Martin says:

    Full studio length??

    shades guy says:

    This is incredible, subscribed!!!

    Matthew Newman says:

    0:002:20 Flight of Apollo
    2:217:35 Soul Survivor
    7:3611:30 Recover
    12:4017:10 Secret Crowds
    17:1119:50 Moon As My Witness
    21:3525:57 Shove
    25:5829:10 The Moon Atomic
    29:1135:50 Call To Arms
    36:4341:07 Tunnels
    41:0845:14 Surrender
    48:08 There Is

    I left out the speaking bits. I am just here for the music. So many times I found myself guessing where each song was while listening to the album. Hope this helps everyone out.

    Marco Mella Pizarro says:

    Soul Survivor & Shove sickly goods!

    antone gutierrez says:

    Sometimes all u can do is breathe and just listen

    Waggy 44 says:

    Wish they could come back and making the I empire part 2

    Victor Esquivel Estrada says:

    So nice to reach this hidden side of youtube where it all glares in such a familiar glow, it takes you indeed beyond the ever after…

    Kevin Hartz says:

    I've been talking for years about how someone should mix AVA music…and this is perfect! I needed this in my life right now. Much love keeping pushing these out.

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