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Track List

01. Better Better
02. I Liked You *
03. What Can I Do (좋은걸 뭐 어떡해)
04. I’ll remember (남겨둘게)
05. Whatever! (놀래!)
06. Be Lazy
07. Hi Hello
08. I Loved You
09. When You Love Someone (그렇더라고요)
10. All Alone (혼자야)
11. Pouring (쏟아진다)
12. I Need Somebody (누군가 필요해)
13. I’ll Try (노력해볼게요)

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Music Albums Video [Audio] DAY6 (데이식스) 좋아합니다 (I Like You) [MOONRISE ‘2nd Album]

[audio] Day6 (데이식스) – 좋아합니다 (i Like You) [moonrise ‘2nd Album’]
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    Poke87 Mon says:

    I Like you is not in past tense 🙂

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    Thank you!! This song is beautiful

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