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Music Albums Video Beatle Finds #34 Sealed Beatle Albums!!

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Beatle Finds #34 Sealed Beatle Albums!!
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    kenneth koglin says:

    Great stuff. I have a few Beatles albums, 70s-80s issues sealed and likewise I have chosen to keep them sealed. Looks like Christmas came early. This is definitely a Beatles fall/winter season.

    Asaf Cohen says:

    I HATE the American beatles albums
    I'm not American so I've got no nostalgia for them I think thay changed them just because they were greedy. anyway I found your chanell by accident about a year ago and I subbed because it's greatπŸ–’ so keep up the good work

    Beatle Brad says:

    WOW good good stuff . I am still looking for the first on that you show at a decent price . I do find it and the price just keeps going up lol . Just my luck :{. The second lp Capital was getting ready to release the lp and the bootleggers beet them to it and so Capital pulled it . And you got all of those lp still sealed so cool … And yes I would live them still sealed . Great lp on your video thanks for showing all that you got !!!

    CB Fall says:

    Excellent collection,Brian!! Oh Yes!!!

    Mr Btlespro says:

    Nice collection there Brian!

    Wil C-137 says:

    Also don’t records warp if they’re kept sealed for too long?

    Wil C-137 says:

    Great video! Can’t wait to see your white album review. My 4 disc LP is coming out on Friday!

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