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So.. people are saying that BTS gave hints about their 4 mini albums titles last night. You guys think this is true or just coincidence that it goes with the lyrics of Outro?

highlight reels: 起承结轉

起 – wonder (intro: euphoria)
承 – her (intro: serendipity)
结 – answer (intro: epiphany)
轉 – tear (intro: singularity)

Wonder, Her, Answer, Tear = WHAT…BOY MEETS WHAT?

cr twitter user: @bviyomi


Hints BTS Dropped in MAMA 2017
BTS New Albums Hints 2018
BTS 4 Mini Albums for 2018?

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Music Albums Video BTS NEW ALBUMS HINTS 2018?

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Bts New Albums Hints 2018?
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    I'm an A.R.M.Y says:


    ARMY *BTS* TAE TAE says:

    Name the song at the beginning of the video

    ARMY *BTS* TAE TAE says:

    ممكن اسم الاغنيه في البدايه الي يغنيهه شوقا وجيهوب وار ام ارجوكم

    Forever Army says:

    Lmao i still dont get it help meese

    Dania Azam says:

    For me, anything BTS does is never coincidence by now. I lowkey already knew there were 4 mini albums but we never knew the names. It makes sense for them to hint the names, and they said how part of the story was about falling in love and its trials. So I think that it makes sense for things like epiphany to be the (maybe)intros.

    Dania Azam says:

    Also is it alright if I can ask if you can post any theories you found? I'm interested in what other people thought

    Dania Azam says:

    Did they seriously plan sooooooooooooo much before debut?????? How???????/

    Jamless princess says:

    Wait… I don't know if this will make sense or not. But all the little things that they are dropping, doesn't it seem like they are giving us the answers now? Like for when ANSWER comes up, are they trying to tell us it's finally time for us to know? And HER SERENDIPITY, I don't know if this is cheesy or not, but we the fans could be Her who accidentally found BTS and became a family in a way. For TEAR SINGULARITY, it could mean that now you don't have to be alone when you cry or that they will be happy tears instead. BUT if it has nothing to do with the fans, then it has to maybe do with the mvs and stuff. How Jin said something about fake love. In a lot of the mvs they sad af, so one of them had gone through with that (mv characters). IDK I just randomly thought this, but I want to know your opinions too, so if anyone sees this please tell me what you think. I am not one of the theory-making ARMYs, forgive me if this is terrible.

    MİNYONİ says:


    Suga Cubes says:

    Did he say yoongi at 1:43? I'm kind of confused at what he was saying in that part

    Alba Romero says:

    1. Externalized feeling of optimism and well-being, often produced by the administration of medicines or drungs, or by some material or spiritual satisfaction.
    2.medicine State of mind prone to optimism that, as a pathological phenomenon, is observed in some intoxications and diseases of the nervous system.


    A serendipity is a discovery or a lucky, valuable and unexpected finding that occurs accidentally or causally, or when you are looking for something different.


    1. Manifestation of a thing.


    1. Quality of what is unique.

    Im in jungshook.jpg ; ___;


    1.Sensación exteriorizada de optimismo y bienestar, producida a menudo por la administración de medicamentos o drogas, o por alguna satisfacción material o espiritual.
    2.medicina Estado del ánimo propenso al optimismo que, como fenómeno patológico, se observa en algunas intoxicaciones y enfermedades del sistema nervioso.


    Una serendipia es un descubrimiento o un hallazgo afortunado, valioso e inesperado que se produce de manera accidental o causal, o cuando se está buscando una cosa distinta.


    1.Manifestación de una cosa.


    1.Cualidad de lo que es singular.

    May says:

    Can’t they just once be clear bout WTF THEY’RE DOING?!?!

    aisyah mz says:

    I cannot brain thisss

    not found says:

    Tear singularity why not plural…singular brain isnt enough for theory….

    - Yixingwing - says:

    Why is the English all messed up on the screen tho? like who did this? "tunrns", "Serendeipity", this is just too much …

    Jikook Lover says:

    What mean epiphany?

    Evlinda D Pratita says:

    ARMY let's Fly Together with our Boys😉😇😙

    Roy Obciana says:

    I'm so excited for new album.

    mBTS army says:


    Yuki says:

    I thought "PEACE" was a hint 😂

    everlastingfamily says:

    1:13 that "tunrns" tho😂😂

    Megan • says:


    루이언일세 says:

    Epiphany = 6th January

    Sudem TaeTae says:


    Parinaaz Jagdeo says:

    wait let me at least prepare my credit card

    Pallavi Park says:

    All these are beyond my small brain's capacity😂😂these boys !!!

    Juna BTS says:

    To much for me TOOOOO MUUUCHHHH

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