Download Day6 2nd Album《moonrise》full Unboxing - Music Video 2018

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FULL UNBOXING (All 2 versions!)
All right reserved. 2017
BGM: DAY6 – Better Better/ 좋아합니다/ 노력해볼게요

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Day6 2nd Album《moonrise》full Unboxing
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    Ian Myl says:

    FINALLY the Every Day6 Project comes to an end with this 2nd regular album T_T I will miss them so much from now on T_____T
    and i hope you guys will still enjoy the video despite the environment (I was at school to film this lol)

    Sharon Noor Alya says:

    Wooooaahh can't wait to have mine delivered, the unboxing fulfills my curiosity about the content lol thanks for the videoo

    coffeebien says:

    i thought it would help me decide which one to get when i watch an unboxing vid but it only made me more confused bc now i want both huhuhu thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Agnes Ester says:

    Anyone can tell me where i can order those?

    Skateboard Z says:

    when u can't afford them so u just take a bunch of screenshots 😂😂😭😭😭

    Unicorn says:

    oh my godd i like the gold ver but damnn the silver ver caught my eyess😭💖

    Nicola jablonska says:

    Wich one is the silver one?

    Marie says:

    Thank you for making this!!!!! Im buying the gold version and i watched ur unboxing only for the silver part bcs i dont want to spoil myself too much. BUT THE ALBUM IS RLLY COOL IM-😭😭😭💓💓💓💓💓

    Joongie-ah says:


    Goro Kokichi says:

    thank you so much!!!! Love you to death right now 😂💘

    sophie handyside says:

    OKAY GUYS I NEED SOME HELP!!! on the website it doesn’t really tell you the two versions- which is the silver and which is the gold? 😀

    D Gusti R says:

    "I wanna get the photo~~!!"
    Me too !!! (T ^ T)

    xue says:

    Omg jajajajaja now idk which version I should choose aaaaa ;-;

    louise roby says:

    Thanks for this unboxing 😊 💖 💯

    Dewi Babyz Zelove says:

    can't wait for mine to come~ 😍

    brigitta sir says:

    Thankyou for the unboxing video

    Kim Hood says:

    Im buying the gold moon version yay !

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