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Down with the Gypsies – Kassiopeia (Full Album) Down with the Gypsies is a young psych / folk / prog five piece, based in Karlsruhe, Germany and Linz, Austria. The band was formed in late 2015 by singer & guitarist Gaba Wierzbicka and drummer Tom Schneckenhaus. In 2016 they already shared the stage with bands like Death Hawks, Mondo Drag, Forever Pavot, Wucan and many more. The first demo tape was recorded in April, just before Melina Tzimou joined the band on guitar. After the show at Psyka Festival, Karlsruhe in October 2016, Maik left the band and Mitja Besen took over on bass. As there were a lot of changes in their line-up, the band took a break from playing live and turned it into a creative process of songwriting and a period of finding their own sound. In March 2017 their debut LP “Kassiopeia” was recorded & mixed by Sabina Sloth at KAPU Studio and self-released in July 2017. The band toured Europe for the first time in August & September.

1. Intro
2. Sky Full Of Cars
3. Icarus
4. Jamonem
5. Alejandro
6. Marsz

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Music Albums Video Down With The Gypsies Kassiopeia (2017) (Full Album)

Down With The Gypsies – Kassiopeia (2017) (full Album)
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    Sergey Dudov says:

    Мне очень понравилось. Спасибо большое

    jaxshroom says:

    Grim dawnish 😛

    Christian Nyman says:

    Refreshing and really good music. Thank you so much 🙂

    Kuba Medyński says:

    Its very nice to hear polish lang on SMOD!

    ЛЁШКА says:

    звучит прекрасно, честно признаться!

    NoctuRn says:

    1. 00:00 – Intro
    2. 06:24 – Sky Full Of Cars
    3. 15:21 – Icarus
    4. 25:20 – Jamonem
    5. 29:50 – Alejandro
    6. 36:12 – Marsz

    Phono Sphera says:

    Yeah, great album, have this.

    Dominic Bonner says:

    Hmm, so The Sugarcubes, the Cranes and the Cocteau Twins in this as influences I can tell. Prog rock no but an absolute triumph yes!

    liaz strumbetter says:

    i like it…added it, fits the moment

    Daemonheim - DCLXVI Infavst says:

    Forget all those political correctness or whatever you call it and whatever you are from. Thre is a band called the black pussy or something. the had also problems in Germoney. Just search the band and "what they decided to tell with the name". This is not my kind ok music but I don't think they are hateful.

    robin oreally says:

    Thank you sir 👌🏻

    Ioan First says:

    It's without idea????@##@@@!!!!

    Doctor Bong says:

    33:36 hahaha. i'm in the army now. once i heard it, i can not unhear it 😀

    D'angelin Moarar says:

    SMOD is great in general, but the last ten or so uploads really are even better than usual.

    Exactly what I need for the summer!

    Nico S says:

    Enfin un truc d' à peu près interressant dans ce genre flingué qu'est devenu le psych rock and co.

    YORANUZ says:

    Based in Germany but these guys are polish. At least one of their songs are. Happy for my peeps finally making good music

    Richard Harrold says:

    Well played, SMOD, well played. I've had a shitty day, on top of a shitty week last week, and I really needed a feel-good summery record this evening. I didn't expect to find one from you, I was going to stew in my misery and blast some doom, but this is just right. Thank you.

    FlipsideofNowhere says:

    Unwinding, just got off work and click 👈 instant love!

    Nika Kupatadze says:

    is somewhere lyrics?

    holod yar says:

    Благодарю, уважаемый Stoned Meadow of Doom, за очередной прекрасный релиз! Как всегда – интересно, необычно и со вкусом! Завораживающее звучание! Настоящий подарок для гурмана! Спасибо большое!

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