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The Action is Go is the fourth studio album from California rock group Fu Manchu. It features new drummer Brant Bjork (Kyuss) and new lead guitarist Bob Balch, replacing Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano who left to form Nebula.

“Evil Eye” – 0:00
“Urethane” – 3:31
“Action Is Go” – 7:07
“Burning Road” – 10:14
“Guardrail” – 16:01
“Anodizer” – 18:58
“Trackside Hoax” – 23:25
“Unknown World” – 28:19
“Laserbl’ast!” – 31:09
“Hogwash” – 34:56
“Grendel Snowman” – 38:38
“Strolling Astronomer” – 42:48
“Saturn III” – 46:31
“Nothing Done” – 54:27

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Music Albums Video Fu Manchu The Action Is Go (1997) Full Album

Fu Manchu – The Action Is Go (1997) – Full Album
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    Kenny P says:

    Love that dry guitar tone, no verb or delay maybe some wah here and there. Pure as fuck.

    Li La Moni says:

    2018/2019 anyone ;D saw them once live, best indie alternative . brant björk is a great Drummer never heard drums so fluent and Always going Forward. thats from the Soul , pure Feeling. thank you was the best days of my life

    Jose Diaz Muñoz says:

    Dios como me apestan los pies es asqueroso que descaro.

    Sebastian Calmes says:

    This gives me power

    Ed Gein's Mum says:

    Hurr, hurr, hurr.

    Grant Hannah says:

    One of the best bands in the world, skater /stoner/fuzz rock …love this music

    JON COLLINS says:

    One special night in particular, these fuzzed out stoner God's rocked my club, everybody was hiiiiiiightyyyyy-high as hell off they're contact buzz blow out, up n' bells! Queens of the stone age borrow a cup of those sweet, sugary riffs?

    Nahkampfnils says:

    some of the best Fu-Stuff. lovin‘ it again and again and again and again and again.. 💖

    Lucrecia Palavecino says:

    Discazo y banda de la gran oztia los Fu Manchu !!!

    Vlad Viasu says:

    I don't know why but this section of comments are the best

    Facundo says:

    16:01 that fuckin bass take me to the stratosphere

    smichaelb1980 says:

    drink beer and listen to this, over and over.

    RJDCR says:

    green Kryptonics were really good…as is this here recording….thank you….

    Vrm says:

    proper use of FUZZ! Big fan of the FU!

    gil wood says:

    HOLY SHAT !!!! I haven't even thought of this shit in YEARS !!! THANKZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Brad Folsom says:

    This album hurts

    Noh - Tengu Mil Agujas says:

    I love this shit!

    Catarina Serer says:

    -Dude, am I drivin' ok?
    -I think we're parked, man…

    Jordan says:

    Tony Hawk 2 ps1

    lawrence wretham says:

    Guaranteed compatible with Skateboard, Longboard and slide gloves, BMX and any kind of concrete. 'Thane lines not included May contain nuts

    Bryan Silva says:

    31:09 A culpa é de quem?

    Yung Pyrex says:

    great album and band

    Paul Belcher says:

    The 90s was as cool as fuck

    Don Seagrave says:

    digging me some fu manchu what what ninja

    Pedrukioh Nahuelán alias El reptiliano says:

    Que delicia de disco por la mierda :')

    Five Star Sinners says:

    Can't get enough 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😎😍😍😍

    Five Star Sinners says:

    Hands down Some of the very very very best

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