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*****Track List*****
01. 오늘은 내게
02. 반드시 웃는다 (I Smile) *Title
03. Man in a movie
04. 아 왜 (I Wait)
05. 어떻게 말해
06. 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Rebooted Ver.)
07. 그럴 텐데
08. 겨울이 간다
09. 장난 아닌데
10. Say Wow
12. My Day
13. 예뻤어
14. Congratulations (Final Ver.)

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Music Albums Video [Full Album] 데이식스 (DAY6 ) – SUNRISE

Music: [Full Album] 데이식스 (DAY6 ) – SUNRISE [mnet] moonrise - day6 (데이식스), Day6, 두 번째 정규앨범 moonrise 발매! 매달 신곡 발표 every day6 프로젝트 대단원 마무리- 2017 every day6 프로젝트, 12월의. Music: [Full Album] 데이식스 (DAY6 ) – SUNRISE Day6 (데이식스) - sunrise (정규) [2017.06.07] - 토렌트 음원(mp3/aac, Day6 (데이식스) - sunrise (정규) [2017.06.07] day6, 첫 정규 앨범 sunrise 발매! every day6 프로젝트 성공적 반환점 - 2017 every day6. Music: [Full Album] 데이식스 (DAY6 ) – SUNRISE Day6 (데이식스) - sunrise (정규) [2017.06.07] - 토렌트퐁, Day6, 첫 정규 앨범 sunrise 발매! every day6 프로젝트 성공적 반환점 - 2017 every day6 프로젝트 6월의 신곡 반드시 웃는다.

Download [Full Album] 데이식스 (DAY6 ) – SUNRISE Day6 (데이식스) - sunrise (정규) [2017.06.07] > 음악 | 토렌트하자, 상실의 아픔을 노래하다, 사랑의 설렘을 전하고, 청춘의 반짝임을 외치는 day6의 음악적 성장에 팬들은 꾸준한 응원을. Download [Full Album] 데이식스 (DAY6 ) – SUNRISE Day6 (데이식스) - 엠넷닷컴 - mnet, Sunri. 추천. 18157963 day6 (데이식스) mnet 2017.08.07 day6 (데이식스) mnet 2017.07.07 day6 mnet 2017.01.04 .. Download [Full Album] 데이식스 (DAY6 ) – SUNRISE [데이식스] day6 반드시웃는다 도운 sunrise 원필 영케이, Day6 #day6 #성진 #도운 군 사진도 당연히!!! 준비 되어 있습니다. 이제 시작일 뿐. 오늘 셀카 파티 예고 드리면서~#데이.

[full Album] 데이식스 (day6 ) – Sunrise
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  • Comments

    May Nguyen says:

    1. For me, today is
    2. I smile
    3. Man in a movie
    4. I wait
    5. How can I say
    6. Letting go
    7. I would
    8. Goodbye winter
    9. I'm serious
    10. Say wow
    11. Dance dance
    12. My day
    13. You were beautiful
    14. Congratulations

    if any of you were wondering about the english names. support day6 !

    Devilish Fangirl says:

    letting go rebooted version is so freaking good ohmygod

    eat cookies says:

    whose voice is this really deep one in i would?

    Owen Chan says:

    Omg, I love the first song soooooo much!!!

    parvanubis says:

    'I Would' always hits me right in the feels<3 but I'm serious there is literally not one dull song on this album. it really made my day

    Ieva Kr says:


    Nieves Hsieh says:

    Their songs are so gooood!!!! Can't choose which one is my favorite

    Nayla Febrisa says:

    I keep replaying Dowoon's part 😍😍😍

    Claire Huang says:


    Brooklyn Davis says:

    I wait 😍

    Vicki Lai says:


    Annisya Putriana says:

    letting go is so lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    pirara jung says:

    it's weird when junhyuk's part is replaced in congratulations. i miss him T_T

    Citra Primahartini says:

    I wish there was 'Pandora' in this tracklist.
    you should listen to Pandora, it was a realllyyy good song:)

    sugarwonhoe says:

    congratulations ( final ver. ) I'm not crying 😭

    Neko Doodles says:

    thank you– also does anyone know when this will be on iTunes?? i can't seem to find it ;-;)

    Caelum 17 says:

    How can I say this?? For me, today is so special. DAY6 finally released this amazing album. I wait ed all day for this. It was my first time listening to Man in a movie, it was so sick! You make me wanna say wow!!!. Goodbye winter will always be my emo song. TT Even though they don't 'dance dance', their beautiful vocals and instrument play was enough to say how talented they are. Letting go of them would be the hardest decision. I'm serious! they deserves all of the love and recognition. My day was filled with happiness. I would like to say thank you and that you were beautiful. Congratulations DAY6!!!!Because of y'all I smile. 🙂

    Dowl Eskin says:

    where i get the album?

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