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Metallica black album. ENJOY!


There is one missing song (through never) Because of some upload conflicts, but I will fix it soon

Enter sandman

sad but true

hollier than thou

the unforgiven

wherever I may roam

don’t tread on me

through never

nothing else matters,

Of wolf and man

the god that failed

my friend of misery

the struggle within

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Music Albums Video Metallica- Black Album (Full Album)

Music: Metallica- Black Album (Full Album) Metallica- black album (full album) - youtube, Metallica black album. enjoy! i do not own any of the rights for this album. it belongs to the makers of this album there is one missing song (through never). Music: Metallica- Black Album (Full Album) Metallica - wikipea, Metallica is an american heavy metal band. the band was formed in 1981 in los angeles, californ by drummer lars ulrich and vocalist/guitarist james hetfield, and has been bad in san francisco, californ for most of its career.. Music: Metallica- Black Album (Full Album) Metallica (album) — wikipéa, Metallica (aussi connu sous le nom de black album étant donné sa couverture) est le cinquième album stuo du groupe de heavy metal éponyme sorti le 13 août 1991..

Download Metallica- Black Album (Full Album) Can jason newsted live off metallica black album royalties?, Former metallica bassist jason newsted has offered an insight into the band’s business dealings after being asd about royalties from their black album.. Download Metallica- Black Album (Full Album) Was metallica's 'black album' a sellout or a masterpiece?, Metallica lf-titled album sold 16 million copies, but many ehard fans thought they were betraying their roots.. Download Metallica- Black Album (Full Album) Metallica — wikipédia, En mai 1983, metallica rend à rochester, s l'État de new york, pour enregistrer avec le producteur paul curcio son premier album, metal up your ass [11].

Metallica- Black Album (full Album)
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    Sioho Sy says:

    thanks for sharing bru..

    Antonio Paracuelles Jr says:

    crazy album of metallica black album all the best lol

    laicah hershey Delicona says:

    metallica song sounds creepy

    Rafael Cruzzz says:

    nunca vo cansar de escutar o som do metálica

    Rafael Cruzzz says:

    Q som metálica bom di mais

    RO_FIX says:

    Mothe Fucka Song by Metallica ( Black Album )
    – Enter sandman
    – The Unforgiven
    – Sad But True

    Saiko Iko says:

    Metallica is the best…saya suka saya suka.betul bettul betul…

    Ferris Vueller says:

    fuck metallica, I'll never pay for their shit again

    Ferris Vueller says:

    Thank god these ass holes don't tell us how to vote

    devil queen darkness says:


    Sinforoso says:

    Potato album
    1. Enter potato
    2. Potato but true
    3. potato than thou
    4. The Potato
    5. Wherever i may potato
    6. Dont potato on me
    7. Potato else matters
    8. Of potato and man
    9. The potato that failed
    10. My friend of potato
    11. The potato within

    dem6 decker says:

    i like your videos

    Thanandorn Suchinaphram says:

    ชอบอัลบั้ม นี้มากครับผม

    Artemio Santoyo says:

    omg 😒 como on is cool

    Agus Sutikno says:

    my favorit band

    Charla Tan says:

    Enter mainstream
    Sad but mainstream
    Holier than mainstream
    The unmainstream
    Mainstream l may roam
    Dont mainstream on me
    Through the mainstream
    Nothing mainstream matters
    Of mainstream and men
    The mainstream that failed
    My friend of mainstream
    The mainstream within

    (dont get me wrong, l love this album)

    Jose Pamoceno says:

    Metallica came from emerging d motorhead and diamondhead.consisting d power of rock metal mix…

    Jose Pamoceno says:

    Metallica is best band….

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