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First Album of Newen Afrobeat, produced by Nicolás Urbina and Chalo Gonzáles. Recorded in Estudios del Sur and Estudios Triana, Santiago, Chile. 2014.

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Primer álbum homónimo de Newen Afrobeat, orquesta de afrobeat pionera en Chile, producido por Nicolás Urbina y Chalo Gonzales. Grabado en Estudios del Sur y Estudios Triana y lanzado en enero 2014.

1-SANTIAGO 00:00
5-P.D.T.N. 30:07

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Music Albums Video Newen Afrobeat Full Album

Music: Newen Afrobeat Full Album Newen afrobeat - full album, First album of newen afrobeat, produced by nicolás urbina and co gonzáles. recorded in estuos del sur and estuos trna, santgo, chile. 2014. downlo. Music: Newen Afrobeat Full Album Newen afrobeat | newen afrobeat, Newen afrobeat's album is a groovy trip through the first chilean afrobeat ever made. recorded at estuos del sur ( ) produced by co gonzáles and nicolás urbina during 2013. crets. Music: Newen Afrobeat Full Album Newen afrobeat - homónimo (disco completo), Full album del sco de newen afrobeat "homónimo"..

Download Newen Afrobeat Full Album Newen afrobeat, Newen afrobeat "newen afrobeat " is the first afrobeat band in chile, formed on 2009, is the answer from this part of the world to the style created by fela kuti. newen plays fela, relead 20 february 2017 1. upside down 2. opposite people intro 3. newen afrobeat, seun kuti, cheick tne seck and more - opposite people. Download Newen Afrobeat Full Album Newen afrobeat – full album – rastafari tv™ | 24/7, Rastafari tv network, inc. is a registered 501(c)4 civic league socl welfare organization. donations to our mission can be deducted as a business or advertising expen, depenng on the nature of the donation. thank you!™ is a charitable organized nation and heritage archive. Download Newen Afrobeat Full Album Newen afrobeat - full album free download video mp4 3gp, Play, streaming, watch and download newen afrobeat - full album video (56:58) , you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. first album of newen afrobeat, produced by nicolás urbina a.

Newen Afrobeat – Full Album
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    supratimbarman says:

    Absolutely Outstanding. I Congratulate You. There is a touch of Miles Davis, Jethro Tull, Santana. You Have Put CHILE on the Map and are a Credit To Your Nation.

    Horacio Amorin says:


    Jesús Martín says:

    Así debería ser, pero…………………………………….

    Tatiana Ojeda says:


    elmarciano8 says:

    las palabras de ese viejo culorroto

    Flor Rengifo says:

    Desde que conoci esta banda que no puedo dejar de escucharlos!!! SON UNOS GROSOSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Por favoooorr vengan a Argentina!!!

    Karina Tagliani says:

    Pepe como vos no hay ninguno!

    Gonzalo Pighin says:

    Simplemente espectacular, muchachos. Saludos desde Entre Ríos, Argentina!

    Dave B says:

    Brilliant. Discovered by accident on Friday. How did I get here from Stiff Little Fingers?

    Roshan Kumarasamy says:

    If ever you guys tour the US, please advertise here or let me know.

    Breadboy says:

    This album has inspired my percussion playing so much, and also, the live studio performance of Opposite People… Newen Afrobeat's music feels like a force of nature!

    Deejay Novato says:

    Obra Linda. Sentimento rejuvenescido de Luta, Amor e Resistência ! Saludo !!!

    Noelia Alba says:

    Aguante la luna llena, el amor, la pacha y la magia!! Aguanteee el despertar de la conciencia!! Venganse a San Juan, Argentina!!

    Oscar Belmar says:

    Tremendo disco!!! Gracias!!

    ผู้ชาย แขนยาว says:

    Genius Music

    Luiz Delmiro says:

    Caraca, meu irmão!

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