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1. Comedown
2. Lightenup
3. Withorwithout
3. Tape
5. Everyroad
6. Yourfault
7. Closetowhy
8. IknowhowIfeel
9. Exotica
10. Tieduprightnow
11. Bemyself
12. Credits (feat. Dean Dawson)

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Music Albums Video Parcels Parcels (Full Album)

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Parcels – Parcels (full Album)
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    Seingo says:

    Hey, if you like that kind of electropop funky feeling you can check out this >>

    Gabriel Roy says:

    Go buy this album guys. Those deserve way more fame than they have right now !

    roi boo says:

    It fill my heart, thanks you so much for you music !

    Mashtru Peppi says:

    1:45 THE LICK!

    ClassicAlberto says:

    Best band ever, and even better in concert, god bless them

    Murray Thorpe says:

    Yourfault is a babymaking song for suree.
    Also I love the Credits track, just shows that although these guys are clearly amazing musicians they still don't take themselves too seriously.
    A valued quality in an artist in my books

    LonestarPaul says:

    Decent effort but not as crazily joyful as the earlier stuff… As much as I like them, not sure I want to give it a thumbs up… I'm sad, actually

    iletyoucallmestevesy says:

    I hear a song while getting coffee at a bar in italy on oct 15th and was immediately like "what the hell is this i need it rn". Turned out to be closetowhy. happy i did cause this album is that smoooooth smooth fire

    Hans Höffner says:

    F I N A L L Y

    Majora's Wrath says:

    Why did Antoine Dalek send us here? I mean… nice music, but… why? There's gotta be reason! WAIT. "Morning" has 7 letters. What game company references the number 7 so much? 343 industries. What are they the most well known for? Halo. How many good Halo games are there according to the majority of my personal circle of friends? Six. Like Noble six. Reach. Skirmishers only appear in Reach. How many legs do they have? 2. Divide the members of noble team, 6, by that number. 3. Gorgeous Freeman episode 3 part 2 confirmed May 6th 2019. Where did I find that date you ask? Why, it was so mind-numbingly obvious that I won't insult your intelligence by explaining it to you.

    Eliakim Oliveira says:

    Came to Brazil !

    Skum Bagras says:

    You can also support them directly by listening to their songs through streaming platforms like Spotify instead of shitty album uploads on youtube for some channels and clicks.

    Gerald Gohlke says:

    Das Album ist der absolute Hammer! Retro Disco… vielschichtig… tolle Arrangements…

    FlattenedRabbit says:


    JustJoko says:

    Good mornin' Antoine.

    roberto avalos guerra says:

    Come to Chile ♥

    wolfieg says:

    Antoine delak

    JoLiKe says:

    Superb album, I can't wait to see them live in Cologne on 18th November.

    the meme team leader says:

    Morning Antoine

    Squid Banana says:

    came here from antoine delak

    Evald Karos says:

    Seeing them November 5th in Manchester!

    Michael Andrew says:

    thanks for the upload

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