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Coined in the late 1980s to describe the slow, jazzy psychedelia by the British duo A.R. Kane, the term “dream pop” soon came to describe a genre of its own. Coalescing first around the trendsetting London label 4AD, the new sound discovered whole musical universes inside its gauzy lullabies. Three decades later, dream pop possesses a rich, generation-spanning canon of its own.

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The 10 Best Dream Pop Albums

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Music Albums Video The 10 Best Dream Pop Albums

Music: The 10 Best Dream Pop Albums Top 10 albums 2017: reputation, damn., melodrama | time, The are time's picks for the top 10 albums of 2017, featuring lorde's "melodrama" and kendrick lamar's "damn.". Music: The 10 Best Dream Pop Albums Best power pop albums of 2017 | power pop news, Best power pop albums of 2017. here’s 2017’s best power pop albums list. in adtion to the 20 best albums of 2017, i’ve listed the top 3 reissues. Music: The 10 Best Dream Pop Albums Teenage dream (album) – wikipea, Teenage dream stuoalbum von katy perry; veröffentlichung 24. august 2010 (siehe veröffentlichung) aufme 13. oktober 2009 – 30. april 2010.

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The 10 Best Dream Pop Albums
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    Drunk Roku says:

    PFFT! It is a very WHITE thing! (wow)

    Saint Martins says:

    Cocteau Twins are "Shoegazer" not "Dream Pop" the difference ? The definition of Shoegazer: British Bands that make atmospheric music…Dream Pop: NON- British bands that make atmospheric music. I've been listening to these styles of music since 1986. My generation invented these catagories, follow it. Stop trying to change history millenials. Also it's "shoegazeR" not "shoegaze".

    hector says:

    No slowdive ?

    nathanjs55 says:

    This is the greatest list you have ever made, but then again, dream pop is my favorite genre, so I’m pretty biased 🙂 Just wished you’d have included Victorialand by Cocteau Twins somehow, as that was the true birth of dream pop, in my opinion.

    Benjamin Enders says:

    I think the xx-x should be on the list

    starsandspit says:

    Minipop – A New Hope. The best in my mind. Criminally unknown and/or forgotten.

    yakman94 says:

    A spot-on top 10 list from Pitchfork???? This is it people, the end is here, it’s coming

    Bryton Cherrier says:

    Galaxie 500 was a band that was really ahead of its time.
    Their cover of Ceremony is one of the greatest Joy Division covers I've ever heard.

    Yncas Asue says:

    No Slowdive? Jesus and Mary chain?

    bmwx3turbo says:

    Man I love this hypnagogic bliss.

    Anhoi Polloi says:

    Glad to see Heaven or Las Vegas at n. 1. No contest in my opinion, but it seems a lot of younger guys never heard about them. Pitchfork gave them a huge opportunity.

    Kylee W says:

    Beach House is so dreamy ah 💕

    John Higgins says:

    My Bloody Valentine Loveless 🎶🎶🎶📻🎼🎸

    Isidro Martínez says:

    Puro Beach House a la vergaaaa ❤🔥

    Hippy69 says:

    yes i love that broadcast made it on this list, honestly im shocked to see a pitchfork list thats not garbage!

    Oceana323 says:

    Washed Out – Within And Without

    J. Montrice says:

    Best Dream Pop Album is "Unless" by SoCal band Crescendo "Pressure" is the best song. Your Welcome. Lets not forget "Murder" by The Big Sleep & early School of Seven Bells

    J. Montrice says:

    Was gonna complain that Beach House is on the list 2 Times but they really are the epitome of "Dream Pop"

    ellie parsons says:

    cocteau twins have my heart ❣️

    Andres Villogas says:

    no Long Seasom by Fishmans or Souvlaki by Slowdive (which is more dream pop than shoegaze)????

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