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Twenty One Pilots take their catchy songwriting, genre blending, and emotional lyricism up a few notches on Trench.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

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Music Albums Video Twenty One Pilots Trench ALBUM REVIEW

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Twenty One Pilots – Trench Album Review
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  • Comments

    David M says:

    Anyone else curious about the similar marketing aesthetic that went into this and Underoath's latest release? I've read comments about Underoath pulling a lot from whatever these guys have been up to artistically on their latest project which is… sad. What a way to lose your soul, Underoath…

    mayle2010 says:

    I'm really glad you discussed the mental health aspect of the album. I was reading another review and they completely ignored it and talked about how this ablum is just bland and that's why people like it. I know we all have different tastes, but to write an over review of Tøp and their newest ablum with even noting such an important aspect really bothered me. It appeared they did research however, since they discussed the bands origins (adding to my annoyance lol).

    Marowik Darknight says:

    Black and yellow album cover hinted black and yellow shirt… Who would've known?

    Automaton 1 says:

    Cuuuuuuut! I said cut.

    Automaton 1 says:

    Love that flannel

    Automaton 1 says:

    I like to here people tell me that what i like is good.

    NerdOfVideoGames says:

    I fucking love this album, easily agreed on this being their best one yet and for me, it's a light to decent 9. I genuinely have only listened to tracks from this album since it got released. Everything (Except for Leave The City which i agree was kind of a dead ending and not as good as i had hoped) was amazing.

    Jack A says:

    this album sucks lol. melon has finally lost it.

    Timothy Watson says:

    The story isn't the story. The ending isn't the ending. It's supposed to end on a cliff hanger.

    El Franklo says:

    Pretty much well deserved rating, I mean this album is amazingly awesome.

    Hope Von Gremp says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of twenty one pilots for a few years now. But this is definitely my favorite album. I liked the others lyrically because they helped me a lot but this one is so good musically i love that they can get their message across while having pleasing instrumentals

    Katherine B says:

    Never thought I’d see the day.

    Jack Kruse says:

    I think you only gave this album a good rating because the album artwork matches your yellow flannel…

    jk I enjoyed this album too

    Idk man says:

    Even Brad liked this album. that's saying something

    Colton Sanford says:

    Made the Hybrid Theory connection as well. Totally agree.

    TheOver RatedNarwhal says:

    Neon gravestones isn't tyler sorting his feelings. It's him saying that we shouldn't glorify celebrities when they commit suicide.

    Jacob Elliff says:

    Paul Meaney from Mutemath is one of the main reasons this album’s production is so great.

    ivann9322 says:

    So I was scrolling through Spotify on the latest releases and came across this album from the cool cover art. Before I knew it, I was listening to the 5th song and realized I hadn’t skipped a single song, lol. Looked into these guys and was surprised to see they’re the same people that made the really corny “wake up you need to make money” song from a couple years ago.

    I think I’m a fan now 🤔

    Kyle AndRyanAbridged says:

    melon liking 21 pilots?!

    Brandon Salas says:

    Damn i needa check this out ._. Never thought i’d see melon slap an EIGHT on 21 pilots lol. I must say this was a great review though, deff a 10/10 as far as review quality 🙂

    Chris Brooks says:

    i still hope this guy dies in a horrible painful fashion.

    Will Reicher says:

    You should review "You say I'm too much, I say you're not enough" by Estrons

    Audrey Hornyak says:

    I hope you feel better after your coughing.

    marganita eden says:

    Please say sike

    Di*ks_b_floppen says:

    The linken park and tøp comparison is pretty true

    Dyke Clincher says:

    I love 21 !!!!! Can’t wait to get this album

    Joseph says:

    nice battles shoutout

    Xx_emo420_xX says:

    what the fuuuuck

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