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00:00 : A Walk
05:16 : Hours
11:04 : Daydream
16:35 : Dive
24:55 : Coastal Brake
30:32 : Ascension
34:54 : Melanine
37:48 : Adrift
43:47 : Epigram
46:20 : Elegy

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Music Albums Video Tycho Dive {Full Album}

Tycho – Dive {full Album}
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  • Comments

    Kevxar says:

    The first song "A Walk" is just like "Gameboy Tune" by Tomas Dvorak… not so original after all but oh well sounds good.

    Brent Humpreys says:

    tycho,,, good sounds!!!

    Axel Taylor says:

    Great I Like.

    Actortion says:

    Ulrich Schnauss Style.

    Chillo Ba Dass says:

    Story time!
    My first time ever trying an MDMA drug was with my experienced friend, and the second I started "rolling" and my eyes got huge my friend put on Tycho for me. The combination of true happiness and Tycho was so overwhelming that the experience trained my mind to release large amounts of dopamine whenever I hear Tycho playing. Now I have a go-to for when I'm feeling down!

    jean paul vv says:

    algun peruano? :c

    Masterblaster222 says:


    Jan Leš says:

    Lepa glasba, bravo avtor!

    Lee McMullan says:

    how could you not like this?? haha

    RobPNJ says:

    Total relaxation listening to this

    Rizza Navarro says:

    i had a crazy hangover at a friend's place. he played this music when i was in bed.. i felt so relaxed.. i had to ask what music it was..
    now its on replay every night.. 😊 tycho 😍

    ptanyuh says:

    I'm enjoying this while working, thank you for the upload. Nice and ambient.

    Abraham Rodriguez says:

    This album gives my mind such great strength and invincibility. Absolutely fucking magnificent.

    YEEUN KIM says:

    i just founded this album and listened them. They are amazing. sounds like make me feel free.

    TacobunComp says:

    put this album on and awoke about an hour later. every assignment and project for the next two semesters was finished, my room was reorganized, my baseball cards from when i was 10 were taken out of the attic and organized first alphabetically by team name and then player's last name, and i guess i have a job lined up for me at microsoft after graduation, with benefits. thanks tycho.

    Cara MacDonald says:

    One of my favorite albums of all time.

    Lil Sokz says:

    so beautiful, this album never gets old!

    Connor Moran says:

    It just sounds like a ring tone to me, but hey! whatever works for ya…

    That Dude says:

    remember listening to this dude on myspace when he was still solo

    WolfTread says:

    Fucking amazing. So much bliss and emotion within this music, makes me want to drift in the ocean for years.

    Christian Lindfors says:

    cool san diego tunes –

    Claire Thomas says:

    fuck the perp perps and the po po s

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