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“Cafe Universe”- EXO Winter Special Album 2017
1. Universe 0:00 – 4:24
2. 為心導航 (Universe) 4:25 – 8:48
3. 지나갈 테니 (Been Through) 8:49 – 12:27
4. Stay 12:28- 16:17
5. Fall 16:18 – 19:44
6. Good night 19:45 – 23:16
7. Lights out 23:17 – 26:22
8. Universe (CD Ver.) 26:23 – 30:47

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Music Albums Video Universe- EXO Winter Special Album 2017

“universe”- Exo Winter Special Album 2017
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    楊穎 says:


    Kpopbri4ever says:

    Not that their vocals weren't perfect before but they got even better I love Stanning kings that improve every year

    Kiara Lalisa Molina says:

    This Album is perfecction ;-;

    Віка Авраменко says:

    My favourite album! I like this songs)))

    YenSaeYak says:

    It's like a complete album… One word… PERFECT.

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