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Vince Staples not long after his EP in 2016 Prima Donna & 2nd Studio Album Big Fish Theory comes forth with a surprise 22 minute radio like album titled FM! Does it deliver? Is it long enough to give a good enough impression of Vince while maintaining the art he came into the scene with?

Vince Staples – FM! Full Album
1. Feels Like Summer (Prod. Kenny Beats)
2. Outside! (Prod. Kenny Beats)
3. Don’t Get Chipped ft. Jay Rock (Prod. Kenny Beats & Cubeatz)
4. Relay (Prod. Hagler)
5. New earlsweatshirt (Interlude) (Prod. Kenny Beats)
6. Run the Bands (Prod. Hagler)
7. FUN! (Prod. Hagler & Kenny Beats)
8. No Bleedin (Prod. Kenny Beats)
9. Brand New Tyga (Interlude) (Prod. Kenny Beats)
10. (562) 453-9382 (Skit) (Prod. Kenny Beats)
11. Tweakin’ ft Kehlani (Prod. Kenny Beats & KillaGraham)

Best Tracks – Outside!/Don’t Get Chipped/New earlsweatshirt/Run the Bands/FUN!/No Bleedin

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Music Albums Video Vince Staples FM! ALBUM Review

Music: Vince Staples FM! ALBUM Review Vince staples ‘fm!’ album review - vulture, On vince staples’ surpri relea album, ‘fm!’ the long beach rap writes funny and rious songs about death and the harsh realities of life.. Music: Vince Staples FM! ALBUM Review Vince staples – fm! | album reviews | conquence of sound, Album reviews . ext and the rao funfair ta up a lot of the album. the verct: in vince staples’ californ-centered world, it’s summer year-round. fm! features the rap in his. Music: Vince Staples FM! ALBUM Review Vince staples "fm!" album review | hiphopdx, Vince staples has added another colorful chapter to his chameleon-li catalog with his new album "fm!".

Download Vince Staples FM! ALBUM Review Vince staples - fm! album review : hiphopheads, Vince staples' sound and vibe fits fectly for gta v. tho two together are a match made in heaven. tho two together are a match made in heaven. malink. Download Vince Staples FM! ALBUM Review Vince staples – fm! album review – top 5 rap website, Posted in reviews tagged and kamayh, big boy in the morning, big boy neighborhood, earl sweatshirt, fm, jay rock, hlani, ty$, tyga, vince staples, vince staples fm review by ceo leave a comment leave a reply cancel reply. Download Vince Staples FM! ALBUM Review Vince staples-fm!: album review | positivelyunderground, Vince staples can just rap his ass off, so it shouldn’t necessarily come across as a surpri that he’s reinvented himlf veral times into his career at the age of 25..

Vince Staples – Fm! Album Review
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    Isaac Bonilla says:

    lol do a review on INNANET TAPE

    CalicoCPT says:

    PLEASE React to Nasty C Strings and Bling! From South Africa!

    JJ okwir says:

    The new tattoo + first forearm tattoo looks as nice as the new setup

    J.M.V Official says:

    2:583:05 the way he went from hyped to chill af

    JustQueIn says:

    I didn’t watch this because i thought it was vic mensa 🤦🏽‍♂️

    yung grimes says:

    Is there something im missing??? This album was so fucking boring.. it didnt even sound like a vince staples project

    vaugn316 says:

    love the new tattoo, looks dope

    Wicked Overlord says:

    Yo love your wonderful wall of vinyl. I want one like that gimme that imperial one!

    J Bravado says:

    What’s up with all these short ass albums?! Felt like it coulda used a few more tracks. Same with Action Bronson’s White Bronco

    nathan garner says:

    Fukking mountains

    MadebyYourstruly says:

    afro senju's long lost brother

    Tim Smith says:

    I really wanted a full E-40 verse on FUN!…

    Jordi Denegri says:

    Your an asth reviewer where’s the testing album review btw

    ASVP02UZI says:

    i fucking love these videos so much of you sheesh shit makes my day tbh bcs music in my life

    TheIGGod says:

    Album was fucking trash!

    Kells says:

    I love your tattoo bro

    Henry Pugh says:

    Shawn can you listen to “Ox” album pls

    Kenneth Trapp says:

    Good album man dont get chipped🔥

    polly wolly says:

    “Lack of concept” bruh it’s LITERALLY called fm

    MrGibbon says:

    Tory lanez- love me now

    My parents named me Martin says:

    Hmm, I don't really find Vince that interesting I'm gonna check this 1 out.

    harveymil says:


    Jarrett Amirault says:

    You crazy if you thing I'm gonna watch a full video without a song reaction

    Zachary Bernard says:

    LoVE me NOw by Tory Lanez

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